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Nicholas Sillitoe (Producer)


As a producer, Nicholas Sillitoe is naturally involved in almost all +47 artist releases, music and soundtracks.

In some ways Nicholas is a classic "old-school producer". More often than not seen either perched over a mixing desk listening intently with his eyes closed, or pacing up and down, deep in thought, or else lying horizontally on a sofa, meditating over what "gorgeousnesss" he hears coming out of the studio monitors. And, of course with plenty of half-drunk coffee cups, and exasperated assistants, engineers, or musicians waiting by his side for the next cue.

In his formative years, Nicholas Sillitoe absorbed all the knowledge he possibly could from his mentors, collaborators, and producers. Right from the day he set foot in Abbey Road, London, as a boy soprano auditioning for his eventual classical album release "On Wings Of Song" (EMI/Classics For Pleasure), he sensed something special in the magic confines of the studio control room.

In the early 1990's, Nicholas started working at the legendary "Beat Factory" studio in London, mentored by producer/studio manager Graeme Holdaway. This was an "anything goes" studio collective, where artists like a young pre-Blur Damon Albarn, Sonja Kristina, Transglobal Underground (amongst others) all spent their days (and nights) recording their tracks.

Nicholas, eager to learn how to "demo" his own material, learnt the hard way. Making countless cups of tea, hanging around recording sessions, watching his peers at work, and using any available dead time to explore the myriad of possibilities in a buzzing, creative environment.

More of a writer/producer than a skilled engineer/programmer, Nicholas primarily bases his production work on the telepathic, symbiotic relationships he develops with the artist, co-writers, and whichever team of coveted co-producers, assistant engineers and programmers he pulls together on a project. All there to collectively serve the song, the mix, the sound and his vision.

A look through all the various +47 artist discographies and soundtrack credits on this website should give you an in-depth glimpse at all his production work, and the names (and places) of all involved in the process. Or else a quick peek at discogs may well suffice.

Over the years, Nicholas's production output has seen him explore many different music genres. From intricate soundtrack scores, folk-pop, post-classical, ambient, to downright dance-floor-only releases. All created in a number of different studio locations in Norway and The UK, with whatever equipment is (or was) available, together with an inspirational crew of musicians and collaborators.

In Norway, his music production team has included esteemed colleagues such as, Per Martinsen (aka "Mental Overdrive")

- in their Illumination/Chilluminati guise, Ken Theodorsen, Øystein Aamodt, Kenneth Silden, and Marius Christiansen. More recently he has worked closely with next-gen producers like Alf Vaksdal, Even Sarruco (aka "EvenS") and Markus Eldevik.

His many album productions for Anne Marie Almedal have also given him the opportunity to learn from, and collaborate with some brilliant British engineers, mixers, and recording legends. People like John Wood (engineer/producer for Nick Drake, John Martyn, etc.), Keith Grant (recording engineer for The Beatles, Dusty Springfield, Portishead, etc.), and more recently, Tim Bran (producer/mixer for London Grammar, Dreadzone, The Orb, etc.). All hugely influential figures and guiding lights.


Nicholas has also done some one-off collaborations with Torbjørn Bruntland (aka "Røyksopp"), and a young Tor Erik Hermansen (later to find fame as part of "Stargate"), to name but a few. Again, all credited here on various +47-related discographies.

Nicholas is (once again, like a true "old-school producer") often very picky about who he works with.


Preferring the idealistic instead of the obvious, the cred versus the "credit". He thrives in the shadows of "pop", working way beyond the call of duty, and prides himself on being seen and heard as a precursor, rather than the successor, in all his music productions.


True to his roots, and the symphonies of sound he hears in waking dreams.


Music for today, soundtracks for tomorrow.


Photo: Thomas Ekström.

State Of The Ark.JPG

Artist Releases
(in chronological order)

The Cabin
Nordic Drama.jpg
I Think I Love You.jpg

As “Artist/Composer/Producer”:


Nicholas Sillitoe - The Cabin - Nordic Noir Score  

Format: Digital/Album

© 2024

Note: Nicholas Sillitoe has written and produced a number of

tracks on the Beacon Music/Universal Music Production compilation "The Cabin", together with Markus Eldevik.

Track titles: "Fjord Murder", "Unnerving Romance", "Blizzard Chase", "Northern Mystery", and "Hopeful Dawn".

Nicholas Sillitoe - Nordic Drama  

Format: Digital/Album

© 2021


Note: Nicholas Sillitoe has written and produced a number of tracks on the Nordic ID/Universal Music Production compilation “Nordic Drama” (exclusively licensed from +47).


Track titles: “Marbles”, “Norse Folk Vibe”, “The Lovers”, “Noire Heartbreak”, “Noire Tension”, “Metropolis”, “Melancholy”, “Free Overview”, “Dark Romance”, and “Dark Fjord”.

Nicholas Sillitoe - Mesteren (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Format: Digital/Album



Note: Nicholas Sillitoe composed the score to the Danish feature film “Mesteren” (directed by Charlotte Sieling). Tigerspring released the soundtrack, available on all streaming services.


The soundtrack contains a number of “cues” from Nicholas Sillitoe’s score, as well as other specially composed songs and tracks by other artists who also appeared in the film soundtrack. These include Anne Marie Almedal’s “Away Away”, AM & The UV’s reworked “No Tomorrow” (based on “In This Kiss”), as well as a number of tracks from the director’s son; singer-songwriter Rumle Sieling Langdal.

Nicholas Sillitoe - Occupied (Original Television Soundtrack)

Format: Digital/Album



Note: Nicholas Sillitoe composed the score to the Norwegian TV series “Okkupert” (directed by Erik Skjoldbjærg).

Zodiac Music (UK) released the soundtrack, which is currently available on all streaming services.


This release contains a total of 25 “cues” from Nicholas Sillitoe’s score from Season 1. Sadly, the original soundtracks for both Seasons 2 and 3 are so far unreleased, although the series is currently streaming on Netflix, and a number of other TV channels/streaming services worldwide. DVD's of the series are also on sale, and still available. 

Nicholas Sillitoe & Anne Marie Almedal (feat. Tara) - 

I Think I Love You

Format: Digital single

© 2007


Written by Anne Marie Almedal & Nicholas Sillitoe.


Additonal Info:

Produced by Nicholas Sillitoe.

Recorded and mixed with Øystein Aamodt at Lydbølgen, Kristiansand


Sigrun Tara Øverland (Vocals, Lyre), Nicholas Sillitoe (Piano, Guitar), Anne Marie Almedal (Backing Vocals), Nemanja Markovic (Cello).


Note: In conjunction with the soundtrack for the NRK TV series “Størst av Alt” (composed by Nicholas Sillitoe), an early version of Anne Marie Almedal’s “I Think I Love You” was released by NRK (Norway) as a digital single.


In the TV series, the song was mimed on-screen by actress Julia Bache-Wiig.

This specially recorded version also appeared on the various artist compilation CD “Peiskos” (Sony BMG/McMusic) in 2007. This particular version of "I Think I Love You" is seemingly no longer available on streaming services.

Additional Producer Credits
(in reverse chronological order)

Velvet Belly.jpg

As “Producer”:

Velvet Belly - Lost Songs And Mixed Blessings

Format: Bonus CD album/CD 2

Cat#: PGMCDX 17

© 2003


1:   Just In Time

3:   Icicle

7:   Voice Of The Senses


Note: These three Velvet Belly “rarities” to appear on this bonus CD were all produced by Nicholas Sillitoe in 2002. These were from unreleased recording sessions, intended for the band’s final album release, “Velvet Belly” (Playground Music). 


Although these album tracks are currently not available on any official digital streaming services, “Voice Of The Senses” does appear on the mix compilation by DJ Friendly - “Friendly Selection Vol.1 – Lucid Voices And Lazy Beats” (Beatservice Records). 



Deepika - Deepika

Format: CD album

Cat#: 74321 358522

© 1995


1:   Repetition

2:   Get Off My Back

3:   Time

4:   Balle Balle

5:   History

6:   Raga Bageshwari

7:   Without You

8:   Life On Lies

9:   On My Own

10:  Color Of My Dreams

11:   Chori



All tracks written & performed by Deepika Thataal (aka Deeyah Khan) and Tor Erik Hermansen.

All tracks produced & arranged by Nicholas Sillitoe

(*credited as Nick Sillitoe).

Engineer: Ken Theodorsen.

Recorded and mixed at Disc Lab, Oslo.

Note: This album release was one of the rare “pop” productions Nicholas Sillitoe has been directly involved in, released on BMG/RCA (Norway) and commissioned by legendary Norwegian a&r manager, Per Eirik Johansen.


This was Deepika Thataal’s solo debut, long before she changed her name to “Deeyah Khan”, forging a new career as a successful documentary film director and human rights activist.


The songs on this groundbreaking world-music/R&B album were all written by Deepika, and a young Tor Erik Hermansen (who also later found fame as part of the “Stargate” production team).


Nicholas Sillitoe is also credited as arranger on all the album tracks. songs. He also brought in team-member (and Ultraviolet colleague) Ken Theodorsen as recording engineer; in the production at Disc Lab, Oslo.


The album spawned the Norwegian radio hit “Get Off My Back”, with a massive amount of media exposure given to this young artist. 

Due to unforeseen issues with Deepika’s album promotion, as well as a volatile reception from some factions of the Norwegian/Pakistani community, this particular album was sadly the only release “Deepika” made under her initial artist name. She later moved to London, to continue making music under the name “Deeyah”, and a new career in film-making.


The album is currently not available on any "official" digital streaming services.

Other Artist Guises
(in reverse chronological order)

Le Big Sloppy Kiss.jpg
United Sound System.jpg

Le Big Sloppy Kiss Allstars - There’s Sun Down South

Format: CD album / Compilation

Cat#: 74321 705 302

© 2000


10:   There’s Sun Down South



Written, Performed and Produced by Nicholas Sillitoe & Torbjørn Bruntland.


Note: A rare one-off collaboration between Nicholas Sillitoe and Torbjørn Bruntland (Røyksopp), under the “Le Big Sloppy Kiss Allstars” moniker, for the compilation CD, “Le Big Sloppy Kiss” released on Pan M Records/BMG (Norway). 


This track also appeared on another compilation CD, “Northern Lights” (Slip ‘n’ Slide/UK) – compiled by The Aloha Pussycats (aka Steve Jones).


This track is currently unavailable on "official" digital streaming services.

Spectrum Blue Presents - Available Light #1

Format: CD album / Compilation

Cat#: UKS No.1/2 1999

© 1999


1:   Available Light #1


Credits: Written, performed and produced by Nicholas Sillitoe.


Note: A rare one-off piece, composed for the Norwegian art installation “Wonderphone”. 

This compilation was released by UKS, a collection of Norwegian sound art , with various artists (incl. Biosphere, Lasse Marhaug, etc.). 


“Available Light #1” was also released on the “Wonderphone” CD (Albedo).

Enterprise - Missing Link

Format: 12” Vinyl 

Cat#: FrostT 009

© 1993


A1:   Missing Link (Lost And Found Mix)

B1:   Missing Link (From Arctic To Equator)

B2:   Missing Link (...And Back Again)



Written, Performed and Produced by Nicholas Sillitoe & Mark Briers (under the pseudonyms “Malo” & “Reddleman).


Note: “Enterprise” was a one-off collaboration/pseudonym release by “United Sound System”, another early electronic music production (ad)venture of Nicholas Sillitoe, together with colleague Mark Briers.

Released on Arctic Records/ Pinnacle (UK).

This release is not available for digital streaming.



United Sound System - Baptism

Format: 12” Vinyl/CD single


© 1993


Side U:

A1: Baptism (Summerstown)

A2: Baptism (Rubber Lover)


Side S:

B1: Baptism (Disco Cisco)

B2: Baptism (Yeahmancoolmanwickedmanmix)



Written, performed and produced by Nicholas Sillitoe & Mark Briers.


Additional Info:

Backing Vocals: Wicca Shine.

Additional engineering and production: Cisco Ferreira (aka The Advent).


Recorded and mixed at The Beat Factory, London & Orinocco Studios, London.


Artwork: Blue Source. Illustration: Anne Engebretsen.


Note: “United Sound System” was a one-off collaboration between Nicholas Sillitoe & Mark Briers. United Sound System were briefly signed to London Records offshoot “Internal”, prior to Nicholas Sillitoe moving to Norway, and effectively dissolving the band.


The “S-Side” mixes contain a sample of “Mary Whirl-y-gig” announcing United Sound System's live performance from a recording at the “Phoenix Festival” (UK) 1993.

The CD single version also included the original mix of “Baptism”, created at The Beat Factory.

This release is not available for digital streaming.

Malo - Tantrance

Format#: 12” Vinyl

Cat#: USS 1

© 1993


A1:   Tantrance

A2:   Tantra (Vocal Head On)

B1:   Smoke (Gardener Mix)

B2:   Smoke (USS Vocal)



Written by Nicholas Sillitoe. 

Produced by Nicholas Sillitoe & Mark Briers (aka United Sound System).

Recorded and mixed at The Beat Factory, London.


Additional Info:

Additional input: DJ Paul Gardner (A1 & B1 mixes)

Additional programming: Sandy Hoover (A2 & B2 mixes)


Note: This is a precursor to Nicholas Sillitoe’s “+47” label, (USS) - his first electronic music release/production, printed on a self-funded, limited edition vinyl run. The resulting buzz generated from this underground 12", resulted in United Sound System being signed to London Records offshoot "Internal".


The mixes and pre-production were all created with an inspirational collective of artists/producers working at the “Beat Factory” studio, mentored by studio manager Graeme Holdaway (RIP). 


At the time of making this 12” EP, Nicholas and Mark were living (squatting) next door to the studio, and performing as “United Sound System” at various underground club events in London; “Whirl-y-gig”,“Megatripolis”,“Joi”,“Universe”, etc.


This release is not available for digital streaming.

Featured Guest Appearances Releases
(in chronological order)

Jazzland Sessions.jpg
Light Extracts.jpg
Magic Box.jpg
Dusk To Dawn.jpg

Various Artists - Jazzland Sessions


Nicholas Sillitoe features on the Bugge Wesseltoft track "Sunset 6", playing keyboards in a live recording from Bugge's "Sunday session" at Blå, Oslo.


The track appears on The “Jazzland Sessions” CD box set (Jazzland/Universal) © 1999.

This release is currently unavailable for digital streaming.




Eivind Aarset - Light Extracts


Nicholas Sillitoe is credited for his "vital arrangement input" on the Eivind Aarset track “Dust Kittens”, featured on his solo album “Light Extracts” (Jazzland/Universal) © 2001









Anneli Drecker - Frolic


Nicholas Sillitoe features as guest vocalist on Anneli Drecker's track "Desire", which appears on her solo album "Frolic" (EMI Norway) © 2005.





Bel Canto - Magic Box

Nicholas Sillitoe features as guest vocalist on the Bel Canto track "Rumour", from their album "Magic Box" (Atlantic Records) © 1996










Mr. Tophat - Dusk To Dawn Part Part I-III


Nicholas Sillitoe appears on the Mr. Tophat track “Indecison”playing piano, and as a co-writer. The track appears on “Dusk To Dawn Part III” (Twilight Enterprise) © 2019



Nicholas Sillitoe.jpg
John Wood.jpg

As a producer, writer, and musician Nicholas Sillitoe is always on the look out for new sounds and inspiration, listening and learning.

At the same time, he is humble to the greatness of others, acknowledging what he feels are defining moments of music production "bliss" to aspire to create himself. Sounds forever embedded in his echoic memory.





Here is a small list of producers that he continually draws influence from:

John Wood, Keith Grant, Martin Hannett, Daniel Lanois, Tim Friese-Green, Alan Wilder, Alex Patterson, William Orbit, Geir Jenssen, Max Richter, Tim Bran, Jon Hopkins (amongst others).






And for anyone who cares to listen, enjoy the "best of" +47 catalogue, or else some of Nicholas Sillitoe's personal DJ favourites, here.

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