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Commercials & Synch

Need specially composed music for commercial scores, help with synch placements, licenses, sound branding, trailer music, or other creative music supervision consultancy?

You've come to the right place.

Selected work & credits 


Specially Composed
Soundtracks: Nicholas Sillitoe

Sparebanken Sør

Tangrystan/S&B-N, Norway 2016

Director: Hallvar Witzø.


J.Lineberg, Sweden 2016

Director: Fred Arne Wergeland.


Peak Performance

"Enjoyable State Of Being” 

Peak Performance, Sweden 2010

Director: Fred Arne Wergeland.



Fantefilm, Norway 2007

Director: Roar Uthaug. 


Statoil Hydro

Company Launch/Promo film

Pravda, Norway 2007

Director: Erik Skoldbjærg.  



Pravda, Norway 2006                 

Director: Mikkel Sandemose.    


Pravda, Norway 2006

Director: Eirik Aure.      



Fantefilm, Norway 2005

Director: Roar Uthaug.


Kirkens Nødhjelp 

Pravda, Norway 2004

Director: Erik Skjoldbjærg.     



BBDO, Norway 2002

Director: Anniken Lien.     



Reel Image, Norway 2000

Director: Anniken Lien.       



4 ½, Norway 1998

Director:  Marius Holst.  


Henry Choice 

Voice of Europe, Norway 1998

Director: Anniken Lien.    

Synch/Music production:


Volvo EX90

Online commercials/sound installation/launch

Volvo/AKQA, Sweden 2022


Music: Neon Streams – “Midnight Sun – Extended”.

Legoland/Color Line 

TV/Online commercials.

Aptum, Norway 2015-2020


Music: Anne Marie Almedal - “The False Alarm” (Instrumental).


TV/Online commercials.

Siste Skrikk, Norway 2010

Director: Christian Glad-Holm.


Music: Anne Marie Almedal - “Alone To The Chill” (Instrumental).

Peak Performance 

Fall Campaign film, Sweden 2009

Director: Fred Arne Wergeland.

Music: AM & The UV – “Everywhere We Go”.


Christmas campaign/TV commercial.

King, Norway 2007

Music: Anne Marie Almedal - “Ja, Det Er Jul” .

G Sport 

«100 År» TV/Online commercial.

Pravda Film 2007

Director: David Reiss-Andersen.

Music: Anne Marie Almedal - “Monterosso” (Instrumental).

Sony Ericsson 

"Play Now" Online commercial.

Sony Ericsson, Sweden 2007


Music: Anne Marie Almedal – “Trouble”.


TV/Online commercial 

Flodelfim, Sweden 2007 

Director: Jorn Hagen.


Music: Anne Marie Almedal - “Joy” (Instrumental).

Vero Moda

TV/Cinema/In-store commercials.    

Vero Moda, Sweden 2006

Music: Illumination - “Watercolours”.

Trailers, Gaming & Sound branding



Gameplay trailer 

Layer Media, USA 2021


Music: Nicholas Sillitoe – “Metropolis”.

* Nominated Best Video Game Trailer (Golden Trailer Awards)


Feature film trailer.

Friland Film, Norway 2010 


Feature film trailer.

Alligator Film, Norway 2010                   


Music/Sound design: Nicholas Sillitoe.

Statoil Hydro

Website sound design/online.

15 Meanings, Norway 2010                   


Sound design: Nicholas Sillitoe.


TV Norge

Station ID/Sound logo.

TV Norge, 1998

Music: Nicholas Sillitoe & Per Martinsen.



Sound branding

Bavac, Norway 2000-2005


Music: Illumination – “Black Sun”.

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