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Nicholas Sillitoe moved from the bright lights of London to resettle in the leafy west-side of Oslo, Norway in the spring of 1994.


Armed with an eclectic record collection, some DAT tapes, a beloved Roland JD800 synth, suits, sunglasses, and the infectious, hippy-go-lucky, wide-eyed London vibe garnered after producing a handful of well-received underground 12” electronic music releases under various artist pseudonyms, the +47 adventure began.


Under pressure to find a suitable name for his newly established label during a welcome phone call from the A&R team at London Records, it was while gazing down at his trusty combi telephone/fax machine (at that point in time the only way of communicating to the rest of the world) that Nicholas first saw the numbers come up on a blurry incoming fax.


+47, the international dialing code Norway. The rest, shall we say, is history.


The first release to appear on +47, was the Illumination 12” single, “Satellite”. 

An instant cult classic in the flourishing Norwegian electronic music scene, which ended up being picked up by Internal/London Records in the UK, as well as Belgian techno label Music Man. A loud, proud yet melancholy-tinged club track; with Nicholas’s sampled vocal loop “flow, flow, electric flow, electric flowing through my veins” weaving its way under a trippy backdrop of synth washes and Per Martinsen’s punishing beats. 


Since those initial heady days, +47 has evolved over almost 30 years to become a stable nest for almost all of Nicholas Sillitoe’s music productions, collaborations, affiliated artist releases, film scores and recording (ad)ventures. 


The +47 catalogue covers a wide range of musical styles. Be it dream-pop, indie-pop, singer-songwriter, electronic, ambient, or post-classical. 


As a venture, Nicholas has always strived to operate with an open-minded, DIY attitude, working together with like-minded artists, musicians, distributors, producers, and promoters to help get the music “out there”, far across the North Sea.


Over the years +47 productions have either been released worldwide on major label licenses, or at other times simply put out independently. This has allowed Nicholas and his fellow artists & collaborators full creative control, with the freedom to go with the flow, wherever the wind blows in an ever-changing music business. 

Whether experienced in a live performance, heard out on a massive club sound system, DJ'ed in an intimate chill-out room, listened to on the radio, discovered on a streaming playlist, synched, or scored to a film & TV soundtrack, +47 musical output has hopefully reached out to somebody, somewhere, sometime. Long may it continue!


In 2003, Nicholas moved once more, this time from Oslo to Kristiansand, in the southern coast “riviera” of Norway.

He is married to artist, singer-songwriter and muse Anne Marie Almedal, with two children, Stella Marie, and Florian.

The +47 love affair with music continues passionately to this day.


+47 Discography/Filmography:

Please Note: Discogs & IMDb both have a good, but not always accurate, insight into many of the +47 releases, productions, artists, and catalogue of credits. Please refer to information you also find on this website, first.

Photo (below): Nicholas Sillitoe/Oslo. 1994.

Further Info


We are always here to help get YOU the right track, for the right place. Be it music for synch placement, commercials, or a compilation.

Get in contact if any +47 artists/music need to grace your production. 


Anne Marie Almedal/Nicholas Sillitoe are published by Universal Music Publishing Scandinavia. Please Note: Anne Marie's first three solo albums are published by Sony/ATV Music Publishing Scandinavia.

Neon Streams, and Nicholas & Sebastian are published by Universal Music Production in Scandinavia. Any questions, just get in touch!


For specially composed soundtracks, sound beds, sound design - 

you name it! Nicholas Sillitoe is always happy to discuss ideas and solutions to give your productions a "beyond the call of duty" service. Just get in touch!

+47 Artist Bookings

For live performances, events, DJ bookings, or more questions about all +47 related artists, feel free to get in touch!

Masterclass & Lectures

Nicholas Sillitoe occasionally gives masterclasses/lectures in film & TV music, in both English and Norwegian. He has taught at The University of Agder, with guest lectures at The Norwegian Film School, Samsen Kulturhus (Filmverkstedet), amongst others. More Info? Get in touch!

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For all info, synch, licensing, press & bookings etc, please get in touch with +47

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